“The Social Shepherd has been amazing with our Facebook ads. Within the first five months they have helped our revenue grow 500%.”

– Malik Gharbi, Founder at Sweet Packs

Sweet Packs - The Social Shepherd - Case Study

The Problem

Sweet Packs approached us a few months of them managing their Facebook Advertising in-house, but they wanted a trusted pair of hands who could take on their paid social activity & help scale their business.

Acquiring Subscription Box customers profitably was their goal, and we took the challenge on.

Sweet Packs - Case Study - The Social Shepherd

The Solution

We worked with their existing assets to create videos & creatives that to help us scale campaigns effectively, without burning them out.

Alongside this, we tested large amounts of interest and lookalike audiences to find our core customers.

We also implemented our extensive retargeting strategies to bring back past customers and people already ‘warm’ to the brand.

Sweet Packs x The Social Shepherd x Case Study

The Result

Since beginning our work with them in August 2019, they saw 500% growth in the first 5 months of working together.

Subscription Box sales continue to climb within the UK, and we’re now launching across the EU to help them continuously expand rapidly.

Facebook Ad Results:

– 2.75x ROAS on Cold Audiences

– 3.5x ROAS on Retargeting Audiences

Both of which are allowing us to acquire customers profitably on their 1st purchase, whilst building the subscriptions month on month.

Plus also growing their non-subscription orders too!

Also subsequently the ads have helped grow their Instagram account to over 40,000+ followers.

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