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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 03 Oct 2022

Social Media Industry Round-Up #6: 60-second Stories, Dislike Button on TikTok, Google Search Event & Monetising Shorts

Our Marketing team is back with a roundup of news & industry updates. This way, we keep our team, clients and interested marketers up to date with what's going on in the social media industry :)

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Instagram Launches 60-second Stories

After months of testing, the platform has finally launched 60-second Stories for when sharing Reels and longer videos on Stories, so they don’t get cropped into 15-second segments.

New Instagram Guides for the Holiday Season

Instagram has released three new guides ahead of the holiday season so that marketers can maximise their performance.

  • How to start reaching customers with your shop
  • How to build effective Reels ads
  • How to collaborate with creators
Discover the guides here

Instagram Is Testing New Post Alert on DMs

To boost awareness and engagement on the app, Instagram is working on a new feature that would allow accounts to share their latest post with followers via DMs.

This test also works as a problem-solving to the many complaints Instagram has been getting lately, as users claim that their posts are not being shown to their audiences due to the algorithm only showing recommended content.

TikTok Launches Downvotes to Flag Comments

After testing this new feature, TikTok has finally released downvotes for all users, allowing them to ‘dislike’ or ‘flag’ any negative responses in the comment section.

TikTok Increases Character Limit for Captions

TikTok has finally increased its character limit for captions to 2200 characters. This is good news as the platform is being seen more than ever as a search engine, and adding more keywords to the post’s descriptions means more chances to show up in user searches.

Google 'Search On 22' Event Highlights

Last week we attended the online event that Google hosted to announce updates they’ll be launching. In a nutshell, they want to make search more intuitive.

Some of the highlights from the event were:

  • Combining image and text search
  • ‘Shop’ queries and ‘shop the look’
  • 3D display for certain products
  • 3D mapping tools
Watch the full event here

YouTube Adds Voiceovers to Shorts

YouTube has added what they called ‘another layer of creative expression’ to Shorts by allowing users to add voiceovers on top of their short-form videos.

Revenue Sharing to YouTube Shorts

As YouTube Shorts' popularity grows, the platform keeps working on monetising Shorts to benefit creators.

In a nutshell, YouTube will put together the revenue generated across Shorts monthly to pay creators. They will keep 45% of the revenue, distributed based on the amount of Shorts views they got.

YouTube Is Testing Improved Comment Removal Notifications

YouTube is working towards improving its comment removal process by notifying its users about which policy they’ve violated from their Community Guidelines.

YouTube Is Testing New Updated Analytics

Another improvement might be the YouTube Studio analytics card, allowing creators to see the average views they get for different video formats (VODs, Shorts and live streams). This would be a good update so creators and brands can see which format is performing better with their audience.

We are 4!

The Social Shepherd turned 4 this month, so it’s only right we had a day to celebrate. 💃

Watch our little vlog to see what we got up to. 🙌

Join us on our 4th Birthday
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