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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 07 Nov 2022

Social Media Industry Round-Up #11: Meta Content Monetisation, YouTube Search Insights, Google Shopping Features and Pinterest Performance Growth

Our Marketing team is back with a roundup of news & industry updates. This way, we keep our team, clients and interested marketers up to date with what's going on in the social media industry :)

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New Creator Monetisation Tools on Meta

During Creator Week at Meta, new updates that will benefit creators were announced.

Meta has expanded Instagram fan subscriptions to all eligible creators in the US, which will help them make money from exclusive content. They’ve also launched new gifts in Instagram Reels (also in the US), allowing viewers to send virtual Gifts (donations) to creators.

They’re currently testing in the US before considering broader expansion. Still, it allows brands to reach more engaged audiences through exclusive content and creators making the most of short-form videos.

Access to Creator Week here

YouTube ‘Search Insights’ Update & Super Thanks

The platform has made its ‘Search Insights’ feature available in more languages and added new Super Thanks push notifications to maximise engagement.

Discover the latest YouTube updates here

Marketing Campaign Planning Insights from TikTok

TikTok has released, alongside some third-party partners, a new series called ‘TikTok Works’ to provide key insights and best practices for marketers and advertisers.

So far, we can find the first set of results on CPG (consumer packaged goods) performance, TikTok as a place of discovery and how the platform can help boost brand awareness.

Find all the insights here

Pinterest Performance Update

Pinterest has released its latest performance update, showing how the platform has increased in both users and revenue compared to the last quarter.

These are important metrics to remember this Q4 as most companies consider Pinterest one of the key platforms to advertise ahead of Black Friday and the Holiday season.

Read the full report here

Google Adds New Elements to 'Ads Data Hub'

Marketers will now be able to upload their first-party data into BigQuery, and then join it with Google event-level ad data to discover more details on how users engage with their ads.

Google is launching:

  • Ads Data Hub for Marketers: New way for advertisers to analyse data.

  • Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners: This will give partners an access point to provide YouTube measurement services on behalf of marketers, advertisers, agencies or publishers.

Learn more about Ads Data Hub

Google Releases New Shopping Features for the Holiday Season

Google is launching some new shopping assistance tools that will benefit both shoppers and retailers.

  • Integrating coupon codes and promotions into product search results

  • Side-by-side comparison display of all listed items in a relevant product search

  • More price comparison information in product search results

Discover more about these updates

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