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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 05 Sept 2022

Social Media Industry Round-Up #3: Instagram Content Recommendations, BeReal Copycats, NFTs on Meta & Twitter Tests

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Instagram Launches New Tools To Help Refine Content Recommendations

Instagram knows that the magic of TikTok is its algorithm and ability to show users content they truly want to see.

Knowing this, they’ve announced a new feature to help users provide direct input into what they’re shown in-app.

Hopefully, we’ll see an improved user experience by combining their AI-fueled recommendations and new features.

TikTok Shares Video Tips

TikTok has shared some basic guidance on how to create videos for the social media platform with 3 short tutorials:

  • How to create a video in 7 steps
  • How to create a business account
  • How to create a TikTok ads manager account
Watch the tutorials here

Twitter is Finally Testing a Tweet Edit Button

Twitter is finally testing the most requested feature on the platform: editing Tweets once they've been posted.

After Elon Musk teased the Twitter community by promising the update, the company finally launched its first test. By the looks of it, edited Tweets would have a note on the bottom left corner to let users know that the content in that Tweet has been changed and when.

Testing New Professional Account Options on Twitter

Twitter is adding another new profile ‘Spotlight’ option, with a customised ‘Link’ display, in which you can choose from various CTAs from a prominent button on your profile.

They’re also developing their shopping features, with ‘Shop’ being one of the options within profile spotlights to help brands drive sales.

Podcasts Will Be in Twitter's Spaces Tab

Twitter has announced that they’re integrating both podcasts & spaces into a tab which will be renamed ‘Audio’.

The idea behind the change is that the expanded selection of audio will improve overall Spaces discovery.

Currently, the tab shows you a random list of Spaces happening now, even if they’re completely irrelevant to what you’re interested in. But with the addition of podcasts, you’ll be able to filter and search for audio that’s much more in line with your interests.

Plus, the rise of podcasts & behaviour changes in listening to them over the past few years has been massive - so it makes sense from several perspectives.

Snapchat Launches New Dual-Camera Option

Snapchat has been the latest social media platform to incorporate a BeReal-looking feature.

It's called ‘Dual’ recording option, and users can choose between horizontal and vertical split screens, as well as the classic corner window and green screen.

Meta Expands NFT Display Options on Facebook & Instagram

Even with the drastic downturn in the NFT market, Meta has decided to expand its NFT display options on Facebook & Instagram.

Instagram’s update was released in May, and Facebook’s tests started in June, but now they’re rolling it out to a much larger audience across its platform.

It's Time for an Upgrade

Here at The Social Shepherd, we’ll be moving into a larger office that’ll level up our studio space.

Listen to Ben & Jack discuss what our new studio space could look like and how it will allow us to take our work to a whole new level 🚀

🐑 Ben Everett: Senior Production Manager
🐑 Jack Shepherd: Co-Founder

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