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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 27 Feb 2023

Social Media Industry Round-Up #23: Instagram Channels, TikTok’s Creativity Program & YouTube Shorts as Comment Replies

Our Marketing team is back with a roundup of news & industry updates. This way, we keep our team, clients and interested marketers up to date with what's going on in the social media industry :)

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Instagram ‘Channels’ Broadcast Chat Launch

This will be a group messaging function where users will be able to stay up with updates, brands and specific topics they’re interested in.

TESTING - User Location Listings on Instagram Reels

Instagram is testing a way to include the profile location on Reel clips. According to Instagram, this will provide users with more transparency, as in some cases, accounts have misled people about where they’re based.

TESTING - Product Promotions in Instagram Group Chats

Instagram is looking to monetise messaging by allowing businesses to highlight relevant products in chats.

    TikTok's ‘Creativity Program’ Launch

    To find ways to share revenue with creators, TikTok has launched ‘Creativity Program’.

    So far, it’s in beta with selected creators. Still, TikTok already said that this new program will reward creators for posting longer videos, as only over 60-second long clips will be eligible for funding.

    Read more about Creativity Program

    TESTING - TikTok's In-Stream Shopping Options

    Contrary to Instagram, TikTok are pushing their in-app shopping features.

    The latest test they’ve announced is a new purchase process with selected retailers in the app.

    New TikTok Data Insights

    TikTok has added over 70,000 new insights to its TikTok insights tool. This data helps brands and marketers identify key trends and stats that would be relevant for future campaigns.

    Have a look at TikTok Insights

    Best Performing Products on TikTok

    TikTok has added popular products, number of impressions, CTR & overall engagement insights to its Creative Center, based on ad content. This data will be very valuable to brands and marketers to see how saturated certain products are and their performance on the platform.

    TESTING - ‘Meta Verified’

    ‘Meta Verified’ will be a paid verification scheme on Facebook and Instagram.

    As Meta said: “[A verified badge] authenticates your account with government ID, proactive account protection, access to account support, and increased visibility and reach”.

    Read the full statement here

    YouTube CEO Steps Down

    YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki stepped down after 25 years in the company and will be replaced by YouTube SVP Neal Mohan.

    Read the update here

    YouTube Shorts as Comment Replies

    To make Shorts a more responsive engagement option, YouTube is allowing users to add Shorts clips as comment replies in-stream. The platform says that the functionality is rolling out to iOS creators this week, and they’ll roll it to Android users in the coming months.

    More Insights for YouTube Shorts

    The entertainment platform will add new ‘Shown in feed’ and ‘Viewed versus swiped away’ insights within the YouTube Studio display for Shorts.

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