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Jack Shepherd Co-Founder & Marketing Director
Updated on 11 Aug 2021

How We Became A 'Preferred' Facebook Marketing Partner

It’s official.

We’re now a preferred Facebook Marketing Partner!

Facebook Marketing Partner Agency UK

But what does this actually mean, and what does it take to get there?

Effectively, it means we’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads. £1,408,234 in the past 180 days to be exact.

The Social Shepherd - Facebook Status

To get preferred Facebook Marketing Partner status in the UK, you need to have spent £774,263 in the past 180 days to achieve this.

Ultimately our aim within the next 12 months is to reach ‘Premium’ status, which requires £3,871,317 in the same time period.

The Benefits Of Being A Facebook Marketing Partner Agency

So other than a fancy badge, what do we get for being a Facebook Ads Agency that’s recognised by Facebook themselves?

Firstly let’s dive into how it can help our clients and the brands we work with.

1. Prioritised Issue Resolution

    Everyone gets problems with Facebook, especially those extremely random times when your ad account gets banned out of nowhere.

    We get priority customer support access, where we can get issues resolved quicker than other agencies or if you were trying yourself.

    2. Technical Support

      Got a question do to with the Facebook API? We can speak to their support about general questions, feature requests and bugs.

      3. Solutions Engineering Consultations

        This is for 1 to 1 custom technical integration consultations from their solution architects.

        4. Creative Consultations

        We can book a consultation to talk about:

        • Review a creative that we're developing, or a creative a client has sent us.
        • Get mobile-first best practice advice and recommendations.
        • Advice on developing creative for multiple placements.
          Creative Consultations At Facebook

          5. Partner Badge and directory listing

            You will see a Facebook Marketing Partner badge across our website and our very own listing on Facebook's site here.

            Not only does this give us trust for potential new clients, but their directory has brought us leads too.

            6. Advertiser Coupons

              If we hit goals that Facebook set us, we get FREE ad spend across our client's ad accounts. Not bad eh?

              7. In-Person Blueprint Training

                Our team can get in-person training to grow their Facebook and Instagram marketing skills ran by a Facebook expert.

                8. In-Person Creative Workshops

                  We can go to workshops to brush up on mobile-first creative campaign skills.

                    Plus many other perks!

                    So if you want a team of Facebook Ad experts who can help you maximise your campaigns' effectiveness, scale your daily budgets while increasing your ROAS, and then get in touch with us today.

                    Our Paid Media team is always on hand to give free strategy calls, in which we’ll show you exactly how we can help you grow.

                    You can get in contact with us here.

                    Or drop us an email at [email protected]

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