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Sam Harris

I'm responsible for...

As an account manager, my role consists of being the gatekeeper for clients and essentially putting myself in their shoes. This means that any tasks or communications from the client come through me, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that all deliverable teams are briefed in on requirements and deadlines, whilst also continuing to update the clients on progress. I am also responsible for managing client relationships, so to be the face of The Social Shepherd should they have any issues, but to also celebrate successes with them too.

My favourite thing about my role...

As a logical thinker and a problem solver, my favourite part of my role is actually to help find solutions to any pinch points that we find with clients. Sounds a bit strange, but the way I see it is that if we are lucky enough to find new challenges to overcome, that means these accounts are growing, right?

The landscape of Social is constantly evolving, so maintaining a good baseline knowledge of changes and developments across all departments means I am constantly growing my skillset.

Being the main point of contact for clients has its highs and lows, for sure, but there is no better feeling than celebrating a great piece of work with a dedicated team and a happy client!