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Roseanna Arroyo

I'm responsible for...

As a paid media manager I am responsible for assisting the management of client accounts, from monitoring budgets and suggesting new audiences on paid media campaigns to copywriting and creating engaging advertisements; ensuring they are performing at their best.

My favourite thing about my role...

Is how varied and fast-paced it is: some days are more data and analysis heavy, others more creative and it’s great to have a role that balances both. I love building campaigns from scratch and watching them grow, it’s really satisfying seeing the results develop right from initial planning all the way to learning which creative formats perform best. It’s also great to work with such diverse clients, it keeps me on my toes creatively!

One of the best aspects of working with TSS is being part of a fast-growing agency and expanding team- everyone is so helpful and enthusiastic and it’s exciting to be a part of it all.