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Olivia Gwilliam

I'm responsible for...

In my role as Paid Media Manager, daily tasks include managing the various client accounts and the performance of their paid media campaigns by regularly updating ad creatives, writing imaginative copy and brainstorming new ad targeting with the aim of optimising the accounts to ensure they are consistently performing at their best.

My favourite thing about my role...

Speaking to clients regularly and watching them make progress over time is really rewarding, especially when you propose new ideas which make a real difference to their account performance. Involvement in the pitching process to new clients has been an exciting opportunity and has helped me to learn the process in the industry from start to finish and also greatly improve my confidence at the same time.

The team here is also incredibly welcoming from the start, which provides a supportive and creative environment where you have the confidence to put forward your ideas and engage with others. The passion and enthusiasm from the team provide a really positive work environment too, even on the Monday-est of Monday mornings!